Porsche cayenne 955 throttle reset

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Porsche cayenne 955 throttle reset

Does your Cayenne not feel smooth anymore? Porsche Cayenne S Rough Idle Stumble can be caused by a number of things, today we talk about ignition misfire diagnosis.

Modern engine electronic control units are more complex than ever. Not only do they have the task of running and managing the vehicles main source of propulsion, they also have to be able to identify problems that may be occurring with the motor. This customer had a concern that the car was running rough and stumbling off idle. Doing a quick scan showed no faults, or anything that indicated an issue in the system.

When dealing with a no fault diagnostic condition, you need to go back to basics of an internal combustion engine, fuel, spark, compression and flow. The vehicle is obviously running well enough to be driven without setting a fault, so were looking for something that is still working, but not as well as it should.

Testing the various components of this engine can be time consuming and expensive if the customer is paying for each step. We first performed a smoke test of the intake systembut no leaks were present.

After watching the Cylinder smooth run deviation values, it was clear that bank 2 was running ever so slightly rougher than bank 1. Our vast experience with German vehicles has taught us that we need to see how this vehicle is actually running. On the Cayenne, bank 1 cylinders have an additional amount that greatly increases the amount of time to access the spark plugs. In order to save the customer substantially, we decided to check only bank 2 spark plugs for now.

White plugs indicate a lean fuel mixture, heat, or contamination from a non-combustible substance. Black plugs indicate a rich fuel mixture, or oil contamination. Clean light brown colored plugs indicate a proper combustion event. Extremely clean plugs indicate no spark or the cylinder being washed out by moisture vapor. There are other things to check for when reading plugs but for the sake of space these are the ones that pertain to this issue.

We have replaced ignition coils in the past for misfires, so it is in the realm of possibility that this particular bank of coils is just faulty enough to not trip the fault code. So while the plugs were out we swapped in good coils for the sake of testing, and the misfire, stumble, rough run issue was no longer present. Luckily for this Cayenne S, ignition coils was all it took to get this vehicle running smooth again.

My Porsche Cayenne s is not driving smoothly. When I slow down, there is delay in taking off. The car seem to be heavy, with loud cracking noise coming from the front drive wheel.

This cracking noise is just for few second while try to take off after slowing down say behind another car. The ride also seem to be rough and stumbling. You don,t feel that smoothness. The drive is better when on top speed, like on a highway. I would suggest that this issue is not engine related but driveline related.

Please have your driveline mounts, axles and driveshafts checked. I need your professional input on the issue of my Porsche Cayennethe engine always idles rough on start in the morning worse when weather is cold but runs seem normally when engine gets warmed up already.

I saw one suggestion in your blog, to change the coil packs and it solved the issue. I wonder if this same approach would help my car rough idling issue. Thank you so much, I would really appreciate your input on this.

Thank you so much. That vehicle is direct injection. I would have a qualified shop check the fuel system first before I replaced coil packs.

Porsche Cayenne 957 Cold Air Intake

Injectors and high-pressure fuel pumps are known to cause those kinds of issues.Description Specification Reviews. Read Live Data. Full ECU Diagnosis. Full System Diagnosis 3. Support Oil Service Reset 4. Read Live Data Full Speed Upgrade via PC Support Multi-Language.

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Your Star. We are also keeping developing more functions to add into the software and offer them free of charge to customers. Customers can obtain these value-added services via free online update.

Button--Move cursor right or left for selection. Product Features 1. Electronic Throttle Control system ETC relearns the throttle valve control value while clear or replaces the throttle valve.

Upgrade Via PC. Twelve super advantages 1. OBDII function 1. Read Codes 2. Erase Codes 3. Data stream.

Freeze Frame -- When an emission-related fault occurs, certain vehicle conditions are recorded by the on-board computer. This information is referred to as freeze frame data. Freeze Data is a snapshot of the operating conditions at the time of an emission-related fault. O2 Sensor Test -- This option allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor test results for most recently performed tests from the vehicle's on-board computer.

Before using the system test function, refer to the vehicle's service repair manual to determine the procedures necessary to stop the test.

Vehicle Information -- The option displays the vehicle identification number VINthe calibration verification number CVNand other information of the test vehicle. Read pending DTCs Read permanent DTCs DTCs search Based on 0 reviews 0 0 0 0 0. Add a review Your Star Your Review. All rights reserved.An easy project for the first timer is to clean out the throttle body on your Porsche Cayenne. As the miles build up on your car, the emissions control devices on your engine allow a certain amount of air back into the intake.

This air is typically mixed with a combination of carbon and also oil vapors. Over time, this mist leaves deposits on the throttle body which if not cleaned periodically, can lead to uneven running or even a sticking throttle. Removing the throttle body is a simple procedure that can be done in under an hour. Begin by opening the hood and removing the engine covers see our article on engine compartment cover removal for more information. You'll also need to remove the front cover on the engine itself.

This is the one that reads either "Turbo" or "4. Simply pull up on it to remove. Begin removal of the throttle body by first loosening the two hose clamps holding the plastic boots to the intake plenum green arrows. You'll also want to remove the electrical connection to the throttle body in order to access the mounting pin below yellow arrow.

Squeeze the two tabs on the top and bottom of the connector and pull the switch off. Large Image Extra-Large Image. Now you'll need to remove the plastic boots from both sides of the intake plenum. Pull each boot back far enough to free it but take care not to damage the boot. The intake plenum is held to the throttle body by two long plastic T30 Torx pins.

You'll need to rotate each pin so that the mark on the pin green arrow lines up with the mark on the bracket yellow arrow. This mark corresponds with a locking tab on the bottom of the pin.

Once lined up, pull the pins up and out. This may take a bit of effort and it's not uncommon to see the locking tabs broken. If the tabs are broken, don't worry about it. Now carefully pull the plenum off the throttle body.

You'll now want to carefully lift the plenum up high enough to disconnect the vacuum fitting below green arrow.All Search Everything. We've gathered a vast collection of useful articles to help you perform many repairs and upgrades on your Porsche. Save money by doing your own work and perform the repairs using the information we've provided here. Can't find what you're looking for? Try our Search Engine at the top of the page, or hop over to one of our Technical Bulletin Boards - focusing on the Cayenne and more!

If you'd like to support the site and submit your own Technical Article, contact us here! Looking for a different Porsche? Keep your engine running clean with a new air filter. Applies to: Cayenne SCayenne Turbo It's a simple fact of life that batteries wear out. Don't get stalled on the side of the road. Follow our easy step by step instructions to replace your battery.

Understanding The Engine Management System in your Cayenne can help with repairs and diagnosing issues. Don't get stranded by a bad serpentine belt, change yours now!

The tensioner keeps the serpentine belt tight around the pulleys. Here's how to replace it. A basic tune-up procedure for just about any car on the road. Determine the condition of your Cayenne's rings and valves with our engine compression test tech article. Need help removing the engine cover? Find the answers in here! Need to access the starter or other items under the intake manifold? In this article we'll go over the steps involved to remove the intake manifold.

Noticed that the area around your valve cover is filthy with oil? There is a very good chance the gaskets are going bad. Follow our easy replacement steps. A failing starter will take longer and longer to crank, despite having a full battery.

2002 to 2006 – Cayenne (9PA 955) V6, S, Turbo Service Schedule

Don't ignore a failing starter; replace it with help from Pelican. Luckily, this is an easy fix using our tech article. This emissions device can cause a lot of problems. The good news is that it's easily replaceable, as shown in this tech article. Are you experiencing a drop in engine speed while idling? A cracked breather hose may be to blame. Fix it with help from Pelican.

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Noticing a slight stumble as you drive? Chances are, your fuel injectors need to be cleaned. Got a faulty fuel pump? Replace it with help from Pelican! Save money by using this tech article to replace your faulty oxygen sensors. Applies to: Cayenne S In this article, I will go over the steps involved in replacing the secondary air pump on your Porsche Cayenne.Sophisticated adjustable programming profiles can lead to improved fuel consumption and more efficiency.

The 4 individual user selectable and adjustable performance settings allow drivers to select according to their own preferences.

porsche cayenne 955 throttle reset

Today the family enterprise is world market leader in sport exhausts, performing business in 60 countries all over the world. The green grass and many good ideas. My husband promised potential customers a delivery schedule of just before Christmas, but we do not even have a production hall!

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porsche cayenne 955 throttle reset

The fundamentals of every top quality exhaust system are a combination of acoustic, thermal and mechanical properties. Furthermore, an in-house ISO certified, heated pass-by test section for measuring the noise reflected from accelerating road legal vehicles. The combination of modern research and development facilities, highly qualified staff and the latest state of the art machinery ensures that REMUS will continue to dominate world wide. Due to tight legal regulations and more specific customer requirements it became fairly difficult to develop the perfect sound.

In the REMUS acoustic laboratory sound can be individually optimised, ranging from full racing sound to sonorous street sound. In this sense, costumer specific sound is generated and sent digitally to the customers of the automobile, motorbike or tuning industry. The acoustic test room offers the possibility of carrying out all acoustic measurements under standardized conditions.

Apart from the obvious insulation against all external noise, this room absorbs virtually all noise directly emitted by the measured object.

This prevents reflections, echo and hall effects and ensures -conclusive, repeatable measurements.The cold air intake was designed specifically for the Porsche Cayenne to increase horsepower and torque through the entire RPM range.

We manufacture our own intakes in Denver, Colorado. Our objective was two-fold — reduce induction resistance and minimize heat transfer to the intake cavity. The couplers are made from multi-layer, high-temperature silicone and are provided with stainless steel clamps.

With the cold air intake system one of our objectives was to create more power without losing the factory appearance under the hood. Fortunately, the end result looks nearly identical to the clean factory setup; all of the factory trim pieces are completely reinstalled and the aftermarket intake is only barely visible.

There are several more expensive brands that do not allow the reinstallation of the trim. The installation is straightforward and can be completed in approx. We provide complete step by step instructions. You can expect to see power gains of approx. Cayenne models equipped with factory air suspension route the air suspension line into the factory air box; this factory air box is eliminated with our CAI kit.

The heat shields for our intake systems are shipped in raw aluminum form. These systems are in-stock, available for immediate shipment within 2 business days of cleared payment. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I'm really pleased by the nice and easy installing of this Cold Air Intake, little bit more than half an hour i was done with it! Everything fits absolutely perfect and the Quality is outstanding!

And the contact with Hank was awesome also Posted by Douglas Pollack on 21st Jun Do to the extremely tight tolerances, this was a little tricky to install, but one call to Hank and everything went right in.

porsche cayenne 955 throttle reset

This is a custom designed product using the highest quality materials. I'm very happy with the finished product and impeccable service.

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You can really hear the turbos spool and blow-off now. Air suspension sounds cool too. Hats off to HHR! I opted for this intake from HHR as compaired to the competitors, due to the fast turn-around, and by looking at the quality of the exhaust systems they manufacture.

The Cayenne pulls hard to redline, and runs fantastic. The engine sounds great with the intake, and I am looking forward to the exhaust system upgrades! All prices are in USD. Please wait Sign in or Create an account.

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See 4 more pictures. Buy in bulk and save. Enter your name: optional Enter the code below:. Customers also viewed. Porsche Cayenne Cold Air Intake. Add to cart. Porsche Cayenne Secondary Cat Bypass in 2.The Durametric Diagnostic Tool for Porsche was created for independent repair shops and private owners alike.

It provides access to the many Porsche control units for maintenance and troubleshooting information. The diagnostic tool is easy to use. Simply load the software on your Windows computer and connect the cable between the computer and car.

Start the program, select your model, and the program will begin communicating with the car. The Durametric Diagnostic Tool is backed by a day money-back guarantee6-month warranty on hardware, and free software upgrades as long as you own the tool.

Durametric technical support provides FAQs, common car-related tips, and tool reference materials. Click here to learn more about the history of Porsche diagnostic tools. How does it work? Once plugged into the car the software is capable of reading and resetting the different modules in the car. Please look at our online demonstration to see how it works.

Check system requirements here. Can it really turn off my airbag light?

Porsche Cayenne Airbag Light Turn Off Reset Foxwell NT520 Pro Code Reader Scan Tool

Not only can the system turn off the airbag light but it can tell you why it is on in the first place. How is your product different from the OBD2 products available?

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Our product communicates with your car just like the factory tool does, and can access all of the systems in the car. OBD2 was created for emissions related problems and only covers a limited subset of your car's engine. Diagnostic Tools Porsche. Porsche Diagnostics. Product Overview. Read and Clear Codes.

Actual Values. ECU Information. Data Logging. USB Interface Adapter. Used Car Analysis. Porsche Tool History. Version History. How To Buy Ordering Info. Direct from Durametric. Downloads Software and Instructions. Technical Support How to get help. Company About Us. Durametric Diagnostic Tool for Porsche. What cars does it work on?


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