Purple girl x male reader lemon

apologise, but, opinion, you are not right..

Purple girl x male reader lemon

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Join Group. They looked up and shrieked from the brightness before zipping off the bed. You cannot come in here--ughhh. Shut up, stomach! You jumped a bit, though you weren't sure if it was because she heard you or she didn't leave immediately. There was really no way out of this. Arguing with a large, decaying, monstrous animatronic could mean your death. And she probably wouldn't leave you alone until your tummy was satisfied.

You heard her leave, but you still left the door shut just in case Foxy decided to visit. Wandering back to your bed, you sat patiently and listened to the sound of pots and pans clanging in the kitchen downstairs, hopefully she didn't make a mess.

About 15 minutes later you smelled something delicious heading your way, your stomach gurgling with eagerness to eat whatever it was. At the first bite of pizza, you didn't realize how hungry you have been. Probably because you've expended so much energy running around your room all night.

The mattress dipped down a bit as Nightmare Chica sat down next to you, though you didn't mind. Minding your manners, you took your time eating, all the while talking to her and, surprisingly, the Nightmare Cupcake. You frowned, feeling sorry for the misunderstood chicken. The fact that she resembled a rubber ducky didn't help her cause, either. Have her designers ever seen a chicken before? Before Foxy could react, the cupcake shrieked, latching onto his muzzle. But another question was on your mind.It was another normal day at the family restaurant.

Since early in the morning the place had already been enlightened with people, noises and the animatronics' merry ditties, and now that lunchtime approached, the atmosphere was expected to get even more chaotic. Nothing too surprising, knowing the huge fame of the place. Through the large windows of the pizzeria, a colorful succession of cars could be seen stopping right in front of the main glass doors, momentarily halting on the sidewalk to allow new children to get down before leaving again, disappearing into the city traffic.

Everywhere you turned, you could see hungry people sitting at the tables, waiters walking back and forth with trays of steaming pizzas and kids hand-in-hand with their parents, pulling excitedly toward an undefined place with big, bright smiles on their faces. It had been almost six months since the day you crossed the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's threshold with your resume tightly held in your hands.

Your initial nervousness had soon turned into surprise for the speed with which the boss of the place had hired you, not even giving you the time to properly introduce yourself.

They really needed for new staff, apparently.

Despite his strange behavior, at that time you didn't spend so much time in thinking about it due to the major fact you really needed a job. Moreover, this place happened to occupy a very special spot in your memories since in turn you used to be a guest during your childhood.

After all these years, the place surely had undergone several changes, starting with the animatronics, now more numerous and modern compared to the originals. Conversely, your thoughts didn't change at all. This restaurant never failed to put you into a good mood and you knew it never would. And now here you were again, almost twenty years later, this time in a light blue, Freddy Fazbear's guard uniform, standing up like a soldier near the playroom's main door and watching over the young guests with a warm smile on your lips; your eyes wandering from a child to another as you looked at them playing thoughtlessly.

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As a supervisory guard, your job was to supervise children during the absence of parents, thus preventing them from getting hurt or leave the mentioned room. Useless to say the whole situation was particularly chaotic and noisy in there, causing most of adults to get out no longer than ten minutes later with a pounding headache. As for you, you actually didn't mind very much.

The first days had been hard, sure, but you could say your ears had by now grew used to it and, most importantly, you had finally found the unlimited time job you had sought for long. An active, social job in a friendly place surrounded by happy kids. How could you have asked for more? You turned as someone called you from the threshold, interrupting your thoughts.

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A perfectly white grin crossed the tall man's sharp-featured face, giving him an ominous yet attractive look. He wore a Freddy Fazbear's Night Watch uniform with a golden badge on the right side on his chest, similar to yours except for being completely Literally, every single piece of fabric that covered his body, from his trousers to his policeman-like peaked cap, was of a dark purple color, making exception for the black necktie and a same color belt.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Springtrap wakes up in the middle of the night with a tiny problem You're too tired to help out much, but he's content with being lazy.

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Little did she know her life would change You, a desperate early twenties man in the 90's, decided to work at the new horror attraction based on the old pizzeria where all those kids died. It could've been an easy job if not for what was waiting in the establishment, and how you two would interact. Why this night? Out of all the nights you spent here working for some dumb teen idiots and their stupid project it finally came and bit you back.

You knew more about what happened all those years ago, So when they pull an old springbonnie animatronic from the old building you flinch. Fix it they said. It'll be easy they said. What they didn't know is the monster inside was about to emerge. And he was coming after you.

Stolen- jk jk, I asked permission from Rockinmuffin to continue the legacy of this shitshow. You come fresh out of prison and get asked to come back to the hell you thought you burned dry. Not really. They asked her to join. On this unforgettable journey. The secrets. And the lies. The confusing question of how she managed to befriend bloodthirsty robots? Or how she got mixed up in many drama building problems.

This is my first one shots if you want to request one don't be shy just ask also I did this cause I notice there isn't a lot of fnaf one shots out there will do fluff angest and smut but the smut must be requested all the anmimotnics are here I will also try to update every other day I hope you enjoy. Springtrap has finally become more active as the second night comes to a close. What makes this guard so calm?

A magical experience and opportunity to work at the ever popular Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was provided.Disclaimer: I do not own any thing in this story.

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Mike and the animatronics belong to Scott Cawthon and you belong to yourself. You were walking down the hall to the office. As you walked in, you noticed your co-worker, Mike Schmidt.

You and Mike have been working together for about three months now and you two are good friends. You also developed feelings for him.

You thought he just wanted to be friends, but what you didn't know was that he also loved you. Something just happened when I turned it on! It was working for a few seconds then it started making noises and shut off. If I try to turn it on, it makes that same weird noise and shuts off again. The beginning of the night was slow, not much happened except for occasional stop by from Bonnie and Chica.

At 1 am, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy were moving all over the place for some reason. You saw Bonnie and immediately shut the door. You leaned against the door and fanned your face, it was beginning to get hot with out that fan.

Suddenly, you see Mike slam the left door shut which was followed by the sound of a few bangs. You both knew it was Foxy.

purple girl x male reader lemon

Mike dragged the back of his hand across his forehead and rolled up his sleeves. Damn its getting hot.


You rolled up your sleeves and looked down at your button up shirt. You loosened 4 buttons revealing a lot of cleavage covered with sweat. You sighed at the feeling of cool air hitting your chest, Mike just stared and he began to blush as his member became hard.

You looked over and turned on the lights to see Bonnie and Chica at the window. You smirked and yelled, "You wish you could get this! You leaned up and squished your breast against the window, slowly rocking them up and down. Bonnie was staring at your breast with his hands on the window and his tongue slightly hanging out. Chica just looked completely mad and walked off.

You giggled and removed yourself from the window, before you did that, Mike grunted slightly at the thought of seeing you against the window.Hello and welcome.

I decided to start a lemon fiction thingy. This won't have anything to do with my other story. This is just for fun. And yes, it's completely your choice. I want you to post in a review section who would you like to see 'sharing lemonade' with who.

You choose gender and everything. You can write something like this for example:. Yes, I accept male x male and female x female too, but no threesomes. Also, no OC's please and don't request rape, because I don't support it. Characters available:. I will try my best to write every pairing you suggest, and I will feature your name as the person who suggested. If you don't want me to feature your name, send me a PM instead of a review. EDIT: Please be clear on what pairing you want me to do.

This is for the guest readers. I cannot send you a message in any way, so I need you to be precise. A few of the guests were not clear on what pairing they wanted. I will skip if it's your request is unclear. Holy crap guys. Not even 12 hours and already this many requests.

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I'm gonna run out of ideas. But I am gonna run out of ideas if there's too many xD You guys are thirsty for lemonade, aren't you? Story Story Writer Forum Community. You choose! If you don't like this kind of stuff, don't click.

purple girl x male reader lemon

Young children, don't click. That's all I have to say, we will start next chapter. You suggested so far : 1. Balloon boy x Balloon girl While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Mark went back to his "normal" life, with some new people in his life.

Nate is finally finished with his therapy and has a secret no one knows. She's happy.

She's dating someone. But it was time for Matthew to be released from jail. After your best friend, and almost boyfriend, Scott Cawthon disappears, you get moved from the day shift to the night shift with someone named Mark and strange things start to happen. But something is oddly familiar about the person who calls the office every night. Okay, so not all love stories are the same. Sometimes a knight has to save a maiden. Sometimes a fair woman falls in love with a monster. But this You love your job as much as the next guy, but when you get fired for sleeping in one too many times it isn't your fault A chance encounter at a local bar leaves you breathless and also a little confused.

It also gets you a new job yay! I love working with killer animatronics don't you? Not necessarily a happy ending. You have heard about those animatronics You weren't afraid.

They weren't real. At least, that's what you thought until you end up stuck in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. But what happens when you throw some hella-creepy killers into your robotic love story? Today is my first day at my new night job. I walk into this kids pizzeria expecting easy work with predictably shit pay, but what I get myself into will change my life forever.

I am whoever you want me to be, but in the end, I'm just another victim of the insanity, the hilarity, and the utter chaos which is Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Join Group. Golden Bonnie but now to be called Springtrap. While you kept getting attacked by Phantom Balloon Boy, Springtrap got you. You thought you were going to die, but she just wanted to talk to you.

You found out she knew she knew so much about you. She was sleeping on your lap. You kept hearing "Save them" and "Help Them". He's kinda walking slow, as if he sad Purple Woman: You're right, something bad IS going to happen. That purple girl is inside of Springtrap and wants to kill you, but because she loves you. You lost her, you couldn't find her, but when you saw her behind the glass window.

Springtrap: You're mine now, you can't save them.

purple girl x male reader lemon

You remembered bringing a piece of cake with you to eat for no reason, but you remembered from when you were little. Female Friend's Name : Don't know, just feel like it should.

You began to eat while Springtrap was walking to you, before she could kill you, she dropped to the floor.

You faced the wall behind you while arguing with "Springtrap". Springtrap: I'll kill you! Springtrap: I do, and I have no problem keeping your rotting corpse inside of me. You pulled a unlit Molotov and a lighter. You lit the Molotov and dropped it. Showing 1 - 1 of 1 comments. Springtrap ish spoopy.

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purple girl x male reader lemon


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