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Rpg rrn

Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Here is another thing I forgot how to do. Problem: The program was designed to not allow re-running of this process for ANY reason.

All my answers were extracted from the "Big Dummy's Guide to the As" and I take no responsibility for any of them. Tags: None. August 27th,PM. If so, is the file set to re-use deleted recs? Comment Post Cancel. Because there is now way to create an SQL Index or a keyed logical file over the relative record no not even in Release 6.

The SQE performs a slightly better, i.

RE: How to display RRN and all fields of a file in SQLSelectstatement.

It doesn't matter if there are only records within your file, but if there are several millions or billions of records in your file, your performance becomes awfull. Last edited by B. Hauser ; August 27th,PM. August 28th,AM. Originally posted by B. Hauser View Post. Young people knows how to run fast but old people knows the way.

rpg rrn

The records are static. No one views the records they are only used to lock the current order when printing barcode The file is NOT set to reuse deleted records. Happy friday jamie. I will do a chain and delete.

No really I didnt know -- Thanks everyone. August 28th,PM. August 30th,AM. Index access will be only be favourable for a small number of records, for a larger no of records it may be much more effective to fetch all record into the main memory and select there.

August 30th,PM. August 31st,AM.I need the records in arrival sequence, so I can display them in the order in which they were keyed, but the optimizer is using a logical file, which puts them in a different order —. However, you need the selected records in arrival sequence.

Alas, there is not a way to force SQL to use arrival sequence against a physical file. Bottom line, just because the query optimizer says it is using arrival sequence does not guarantee that the data is actually returned to you in that sequence. The only way to guarantee order in SQL is to use an order by clause at the end of the statement. Adding the RRN function to the order by clause of your query should ensure that the records are returned in arrival sequence.

The RRN function takes one argument, which is the table designator for the table that you want the relative record numbers from. Say I have a table of orders. Assume orders have a status code of Pfor pendingand there are a lot of Completed orders but very few Pending ones.

Therefore, I want the following query to use a logical based on status, because I want the query to be efficient, but I want the records in RRN sequence. This is one way to do it:. I prefer to use a correlation name for the table, like this:.

If I join the orders table to another table, I can use the relative record number of either table, as in the following query:.

Look at the order by clause. I used the offset of the column I wanted to order by, rather than typing in the function again. This is legal because an order by expression can contain a column alias, an expression, or an offset.

Again, all legal in SQL. I just wanted to show yet another way to express the record order. Now, one big caveat is that RRN only guarantees that records are retrieved by the relative record number, but that is not necessarily the order in which the records were entered. One last thing that always bothered me is the performance of the RRN function.

It performs really well, in terms of the queries that I have shown you above, but consider the following:. On my V5R1 system, the above query seems to make the optimizer implement a table scan and reads every record until it reaches the record with the correct RRN number.

You would think that there is a more efficient way to access records by RRN. In other database systems that I have worked with, the RRN was a unique identifier and was always the fastest way back to a record.

On those systems, I could always use the RRN to find any record quickly and efficiently.

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I wish IBM would work on the performance of the RRN function in a where clause, because it would be a welcome addition to the robust and efficient iSeries.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. I need the records in arrival sequence, so I can display them in the order in which they were keyed, but the optimizer is using a logical file, which puts them in a different order — How can I stop the SQL optimizer from selecting a logical file instead of the physical file I used in my SELECT statement?

A Big Caveat Now, one big caveat is that RRN only guarantees that records are retrieved by the relative record number, but that is not necessarily the order in which the records were entered. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading How to call program in Free format RPG? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public.Most of us develop subfiles on a regular basis, and yet they seem to give us the most trouble. Recently a Search He wrote:. As the program reads each record, if there is an error the subfile gets redisplayed with the error highlighted. I want it to start at the top of the subfile beginning with RRN 1. Remember that a subfile can be read much like a physical file. See the sample below.

You can go into a standard "DO" loop reading the records in the subfile until you are done. Using this technique you will stop reading records when you reach the end of the subfile. Be careful with expanded subfiles. This will read only the records that are currently loaded in the subfile. If you need to read records that were loaded due to a page down key after you chained to the subfile, you will need to process those records later.

Personally, I have found this technique much easier than using subfile keywords. The code is simple and easy to maintain. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Dell looks to snap server sales slump with two new PowerEdge XE servers. The dense models have flexible configurations of compute Shells help admins run commands from the keyboard to the OS.

rpg rrn

Though Bourne shell and Bash are similar, there are differences in By John Kohan, Search More on this topic Subfile 'More Display more than one subfile on the same screen A Search Retrieve the top record for each subfile Problem: "I am writing a screen program where two subfiles are shown on the screen at the same time. I would like to retrieve the top subfile record for each subfile.

I can get the lowest subfile record displayed for the subfile on the top part of the screen using the INFDS. I'm unable to get the lowest subfile record displayed for the subfile on the bottom part of the screen. Any suggestions? How can he do this? Several SearchLogin or Sign Up.

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How to do a setll with no key. Posts Latest Activity.

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Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. How to do a setll with no key July 7th,AM. Well i need to possition in the first record of the file, but the setll loval, 1 dosen't work is there any other way? Tags: None. July 7th,AM. Comment Post Cancel. Re: How to do a setll with no key Thanks it works!

January 27th,PM. Re: How to do a setll with no key hi. January 28th,AM. Re: How to do a setll with no key I'm sorry but we don't provide support to extra-terrestrials, come down to earth and resubmit your question Re: How to do a setll with no key no, that's all i wanted to know.

Re: How to do a setll with no key I think greg was poking at your location being the moon when we know you are coming in from that wonderful country Germany. All my answers were extracted from the "Big Dummy's Guide to the As" and I take no responsibility for any of them.

Re: How to do a setll with no key Simple question: Is it a keyed file?Well, I have to take that statement back as I recently found a really good reason for using it.

I needed a quick way to retrieve the last record from several different "flat files", and check if it started with the characters " END: ". I am not describe these "flat files" as it is not really relevant to what I am going to show. I will say that I had a variety of these files from several sources, the layout of the contents is different, and the maximum record lengths are different to.

They all have the following in common:. I want to create one program that would be able to check if the last record started with " END: ", if it does not I do not have a complete file. I want to do is pass the name of the file to the program, and return if an end record was found. Lines 1 — 4: These are the definitions of the variables I will be using in this program. Line 7: I am selecting the RRN using the RRN function and all the fields from my file, I say "all fields" in reality it is just one field whose name is differs depending upon the "flat file".

rpg rrn

Line 8: I am placing these retrieve values into two variables. As the "flat file" contains only one field I can place it in just one variable.

Line If I sort the contents of the file by the RRN in descending order then the last record will be retrieved first. All the fields I substring together must be character, therefore, I need to convert the numeric value in the variable RRN to character.

I need to trim the result to remove the leading blanks and the blank where the negative sign would be from the end. The first four files are all complete. As the fifth file does not end with an " END: " record it is not complete, and I need to get a new version this file sent from the vendor. While I will be using the RRN function to determine if the last record, I am not sure if I would use it for anything else. Do you use the RRN?

If so to do what and how? Let me quickly define what I consider a "flat file" to be. It is a file that has no field definitions. Its file name, record format, and field name are all the same. If I was to create one I would use the following command:. I normally use them when I am transferring data from another data source in a CSV format, or something similar.

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What about deletes and reusing deleted records? You're a powerful and talented man, Simon. That's a great technique.So many I have decided to write this post so I can refer people here rather than answer their questions individually.

Before I get started I just want to say I can think of no good business reason to use RRN to get and manipulate records from Physical or Logical files. The Relative Record Number identifies which position in a file the record is in. If, for example, a record has the RRN of 10 there does not have to be nine records before it.

When a record is deleted its space in the file is retained, and it is not "freed" until the file is reorganized using the RGZPFM command, or if the file is set to reuse deleted records a new record is added to the file. Let me start with a simple program to read and display the RRN of the records in the file. My program looks like this:. Now when I run the program to list all of the records with their RRN the seventh record is missing:. I can also change a record using the RRN.

In the example below I am going to replace the value in the fifth record with 'A':. My file only contains ten records, you would think if I wanted to add another record I could just do:. It will not allow me to add the eleventh record.

rpg rrn

What I need to do is add records to the file outside of the program. If there is already data in the file it will add new records to the file:. As both blank and deleted records take up space there is no size advantage to using either. I just prefer to add deleted records as I can then write new records to the file when needed. With blank records I now have 20 active records, my original ten and ten blank ones. Now I can a new record to my file, and I don't have to write it to the 11th record.

I am going to write it to the 17th. I just want to state a few things, which in my opinion should be self evident, but I am doing here just for the record:.

How about you just want to see the RRN of the records read without all of malarkey described above. The data structure contains a whole lot of information, but I am only interested in the RRN. The RRN is a ten long unsigned integer variable that starts at positionline 3. I have chosen to qualify my data structure subfields, see line 2.

Now I can read my file, line 6, and display the value of my key field along with the RRNline The output shows the fields in key order with their RRN. I agree I have rarely used RRN inside my programs but it is good to know you can pull it in. I agree, it has been a very long time since I last wrote a program using RRN.

There will be a scenario where it is relevant but I can't think if one in everyday programming. KEY I am sure everyone has used it a times in the past years. Oh yes, there are many Reasons to use the rrn!It makes the product, or company more real and believable.

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